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I’ve always wanted to get into underwater senior photography, even though I have a fear of water.

Well I’m afraid of swimming in waters where I can’t see the bottom.  Swimming pools don’t really bother me, as long as they have an abundance of chlorine 🙂

Some of the most magical images I’ve seen in my time, have been people floating underwater.  There is a sense of calm and flow to each image, as if the person is hovering at the edge of another world, with it’s own laws of motion.

So when I met Elizabeth, one of our high-school senior reps at Valley High School and found out she was a diver – I decided to see if she’d be game for my first underwater senior photography session.  Only I didn’t want to do swimsuit photography, I wanted something that would help demonstrate that sense of movement that only can be seen underwater.  So I asked her if she had a dress that she didn’t mind diving into the drink with.

She did.  Two actually and they both came in very useful.  She also brought a few friends along that jumped on the theme and soon we had a bunch of movement to capture.

We had a wonderful few hours in the highly chlorinated waters of the Valley High School swimming pool.  I rented $500 worth of underwater gear to protect my camera – which if you want to see a grown man act like a kid going into the dark, scary basement, watch me put two grand worth of camera gear underwater – highly entertaining to everyone around but me.  Don’t worry insurance agent for Dreamstate Photography – the camera and lense were fine.  Mostly.

Toward the end of the shoot, Elizabeth went down deep, one more time and I got the shot that I was looking for.  The fabric of her dress hit the right levels and she posed so perfectly that what was in front of me was the same image I saw in my mind.

A few weeks after the shoot I saw a call for submissions of senior photography for a national photography magazine.  I had created a beautiful composite of that final image we captured, showing Elizabeth floating under ocean waters in rays of light.  So I figured – why not?

The image was published in the March edition of Shutter Magazine and got a full page!!!

When I walked into Barnes and Noble to pick up as many copies as I could get my shaking hands on, my heart practically burst out of my chest with joy and gratitude to Elizabeth, her amazing mother (who is the best assistant at a shoot anyone could ask for) and the imagination that I have been blessed with.

Dreamstate Photography works with our clients to create a unique experience, every-single-time we pick up the camera.  And now we can add underwater senior photography to that offering as well.

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