The Senior 2017 season has begun – Des Moines Senior Photographer

We did the first full session of the senior 2017 season with our wonderful rep, Elizabeth Davidson recently and it was a joy to work with someone so poised and graceful, with a smile that doesn’t quit.

Our first adventure with Elizabeth was in February of 2016 when we decided to both take an adventure…underwater.  Elizabeth is a diver for Valley High School (among many other talents) and was more than excited to participate in a styled shoot with our studio.  I had the pull to do underwater photography for sometime and decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and rent the gear necessary to take some expensive equipment into the drink.  Elizabeth brought two beautiful blue dresses and invited a group of friends to attend the shoot, similarly garbed in prom like fashion.  We spent about three hours in the water and captured some truly unique images, one of those images being featured as a full page in a national photography magazine!

Elizabeth has such a wonderful smile and it hits true every-single-time you ask it of her.  There is a genuine honesty in her smile that is quite captivating and perfect for pictures.  But the true fun is what happens in between frames.  She will make you laugh with one of her many goofy faces she makes and her willingness to express any interest she thinks of during the photographic process.

It was a joy to work with her this season, both underwater and above and we hope to do another marketing styled session with her in the near future!


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