Dreamstate: The Story of How It All Began

When I was in first grade, my teacher asked me a question that would define every part of my being and reveal my destiny:

“David, is this real or make-believe?”

I knew the answer so clearly and I proudly stated it: “This is REAL, Miss Mitank!  To me, it’s absolutely real!”

On numerous occasions, I’ve packed a lunch and went walking into the woods because I knew that if I looked hard enough, I would find the rabbit hole that leads to Wonderland.  I’ve waged countless battles with Skeletor, defeating the trickster with my Power Sword (a stick, from my yard).  I’ve leapt from the fence with a red bath towel pinned to my shirt because I knew that if I believed hard enough, I would fly like Superman.  I’ve closed my eyes and listened to an entire soundtrack from a Star Wars or Star Trek film and relived the whole movie, line for line, lightsaber to phaser, in my imagination.  I’ve performed on stage and told some of the best stories ever written to captive audiences.

But the day that I picked up a camera was the day that I knew I could show the world what I see in my mind.  I could then once again proudly state: “This is real – to me it’s absolutely real!”

Pack a lunch, grab a stick, pin a towel to your shirt and become a client of Dreamstate Photography.

You are unique.  Let’s show the world our imagination, together.