British Colonial style and art at the Hotel Fort Des Moines

I absolutely love it when the amazing Cynthia Betts of Vintage Love, Rentals & annessi calls and says, “let’s tell a story – this one is British Colonial meets the Hotel Fort Des Moines.”

My answer is always, “Yes.  Yes, let’s tell that story, abso-freakin-lutely.”

I jump at the chance because I know that Cynthia will not only gather some great artists, but will bring her unique skills and design knowledge to the shoot as well.  The culmination of that wisdom is Vintage Love, Rentals & annessi – a vast warehouse full (quite literally) to the rafters with beautiful, hand-selected, antique pieces of furniture, glassware, lighting and other accessories.  These items can be rented for all types of events and when coupled with her design expertise, bring a level of style and class, rivaled by none in Des Moines.

This shoot was held in the historic Hotel Fort Des Moines which provided the backdrop to build upon, for Cynthia with her design.  Add to that mix the beautiful collection of dresses and accessories of Pure Bridal and the stunning fashion of Skeffington’s Formal Wear and we have a photography story that is full of elegance, passion and the very best of some amazing Des Moines artists and designers.


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