1950s styled senior photography shoot with Dreamstate Photography

So a friend of mine has a 1956 Chevy hardtop that he lovingly restored with his family, some years ago.  We got together recently to take some pictures of him with the car, wearing the same letter jacket from his high school senior year; to reproduce a single photograph he had from the days gone by.  It was a thrill to provide “senior photography” and help him relive that journey.  I found myself wondering what the average high school senior was like in that time period – what were their worries, their struggles.  What was cool – what wasn’t?

It fired my imagination into high gear – no car pun intended. What if I could do the same thing for our current high school senior reps of this year?  What if I could show them a little bit of the styled, 1950s world that their grandparents and parents once knew?  Would they be interested in something like that?

Nah, probably not.  I mean leather jackets, slicked back hair, Coke in bottles, chewing gum, fast wheels and an over abundance of “cool” doesn’t compare to energy drinks, cell phones, Instagram and modern automobiles that talk to you.

I asked them anyway and boy was I wrong.  They LOVED the idea and went wild getting clothes and props together for the shoot.  It made my heart happy to see teenagers of today, connect with a style that in many respects is still around.  They immediately got into character, so to speak and began to portray what their vision of the 1950s teenager was.  Of course – it looked like a scene out of Grease, but to them it was a slice of history.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that Grease was just a 1980’s homage to the 50s.  Besides, they were having a good time and that was all that mattered in this senior photography experience with Dreamstate.

Enjoy the images from our Dreamstate senior photography styled shoot: 1950s alive and rocking.

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